Wild Food Adventurer

Subscription Service Newsletter/Periodical Ended in 2006 And the Complete 10 Year Box Sets Sold Out in 2010! Individual Newsletters Are No Longer Available. Below is a Description. We May Republish Articles Digitally in the Future.

It has a North American Wild Foods Focus. Some of the topics covered include gathering & preparation techniques, wild gourmet garden vegetables, food plants of Native Americans, feature articles on important wild foods, reviews of books & videos, edible plant identification, nutrition of wild foods, festival announcements, wilderness survival, sustainable living, sea shore edibles, poisonous plants, events calendars, book reviews, sea vegetables, and more.

The information in these periodicals is valuable, the kind of depth you will rarely find elsewhere, and never goes out of date. Even past event calendars have contact information to discover and investigate instructors, organizations, and dates for new and upcoming events.

The Wild Food Adventurer newsletter spans 35 individual issues published over a 10 year period. The series begain in 1996. The last issue was published in July of 2006. Mostly written by its editor and publisher, John Kallas, it is a treasure of information you will not find elsewhere.

Wild Food Adventurer Newsletter Box Set

The Wild Food Adventurer™ Newsletter Library Collection Box Set

This comes with the complete set of 35 Wild Food Adventurer ™ newsletters, the Wild Food Primer (upper right), a guide to articles (upper center), the bookshelf library box (left), and a topic index to all issues (on the box).