Alaska Wild Berry Guide and Cookbook by Alaska Geographic Editors

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Alaska Wild Berry Guide and Cookbook by Alaska Geographic Editors
This book is divided into two sections – plant identification and recipes. There is a lot packed into this book. It could have just as appropriately been included in our cookbook section – the recipe part is prominent and impressive. The plants cover an area much larger than the title suggests. This book is just as appropriate for all of the Pacific Northwest as well as much of Canada and the very Northeastern United States (from the upper half of Minnesota to Connecticut).

The plant identification section covers 48 of the most common berry producing plants – including some poisonous ones. Most plants covered are represented by two photographs and one or two line drawings. There is one photograph of the flowers and one of the fruits – typically but not always showing some of the adjacent leaves and stems. The photographs range in quality from excellent to poor, but all are still useful. Accurate line drawings supplement the photographs nicely – showing detail that really helps you identify these plants.

The extensive 277 recipe section is impressive. They are divided into the following sections: Breads (berries in baked products); Salads and Dressings; The Main Course (sauces and berries flavoring main dishes); Desserts; Beverages; Potpourri (candies, syrups, trail foods, Eskimo and Indian Dishes); and Preserves. There are also sections on canning, freezing, and drying berries. This book is highly recommended as both a field guide and a cookbook for anyone interested in wild berries of the North. The recipes would be fun to try for anyone who enjoys cooking with wild foods.

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