Bill and Bev Beatty’s Wild Plant Cookbook by Bill and Bev Beatty

Bill and Bev Beatty's Wild Plant Cookbook by Bill and Bev Beatty
This book could have just as appropriately been included in our edibility section had the title been different. Bill, the actual author, covers thirty plants sharing insights and experiences along the way. He has a degree in biology and is a nature and wild food educator. Each plant-based chapter starts out with Bill sharing his real life experiences learning about, finding, gathering, and preparing the plants for use in his kitchen. There is often really good detail here. Following that are one to seven recipes using that plant as an ingredient.

When appropriate, he includes more insights in between recipes to help you successfully work with the plants. Recipe titles are simple (non pretentious) and straight-forward like “Day Lily Salad”, “Milkweed Flower Pancakes”, “Persimmon Cookies”, and “Purslane Omelet”. This is not an identification guide. The black and white line drawings are only of limited usefulness. This is not a ‘showy’ cookbook, but it is recommended as a very useful cookbook and edibility guide. The recipes would be fun to try for anyone who enjoys cooking with wild foods.

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