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How to Tap Black Walnut Trees for Syrup

Did you know that black walnut trees can be tapped in late winter to produce a syrup similar to maple syrup? If you have access to black walnut trees, this is a great way to put them to use. Black walnut trees are unique in that the sap runs in winter, spring and autumn. The trees produce sap that runs easily and prolifically any time the day and night time temperatures are in the proper range... by Alicia Bayer. To read the full articleclick here.

Best-Tasting Wild Plants of Colorado and the Rockies by Cattail Bob Seebeck

An essential book for those in the Southern and Central Rocky mountain areas and useful for the West, in general. This is a photo-based guide focusing on the identification of wild edible plants. Seebeck does more than any other guide by offering four thought-out photographs per plant. Yes, you heard me, four, not one, like most books. These photographs show different parts of the same plant. You are much more likely to be able to identify a plant if you can clearly see closeups of flowers, ...

The Flavors of Home by Margit Roos-Collins

An important book for any wild food library. Essential if you are from the western coast. In fact, no matter where you are in North America, you could benefit from this book. There is even a really good 25 page section on pacific coast sea vegetables. The reason this book is so good is that Margit is knowledgeable and honest. She explains about each plant, tells you what she used it for, and how she prepared it. She gives you valuable tips, tells you what worked for her and what did not. ...