Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies by Linda Kershaw

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Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies by Linda Kershaw
An important book for those in the Northern and Central Rocky mountain areas as well as other areas in the West. This is a photo-based guide focusing on the identification of wild edible plants. Kershaw’s book, like other Lone Pine publications, covers lots of material. Brief descriptions of foods and medicines, often referring to uses by Native American Peoples, are given for each plant.

Like the other books in this section, there is no detailed processing information. This book covers 182 ‘kinds’ of plants using about 350 photographs and 73 illustrations. A ‘kind’ for instance, is ‘all docks’, or ‘all Oregon Grapes’ discussed together. A ‘Pictorial Guide’, just after the Table of Contents, shows rows and columns of small duplicate pictures of all plants covered in the book for quick reference. Many people love this ‘Pictorial Guide’ concept in the field because it can help them quickly find the plant they are trying to identify.

The photographs and illustrations range from excellent to poor and are not as clearly thought-out as Seebeck’s. Kershaw covers herbs, shrubs, trees, and mosses with edible parts as well as 29 poisonous plants. About 50% of the plants covered in this book can be found throughout the west where the habitats are appropriate – particularly in wooded elevations above 1,000 feet. About 20% of the plants covered can be found in various places across North America. Many of the plants covered are not found in other photographic guides. Highly recommended if you are in the Northern and Central Rockies, generally recommended for use in combination with other books as part of a western wild food library.

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