Common Requests and Responses

I’m a student writing a paper, please help me.
Buy Edible Wild Plants and read section 1. It is designed to define the field, give perspective and help people learn about wild foods. There is an electronic version available if you need it right away. Interested in specific plants? – purchase books in our Resources section and use them cumulatively like an encyclopedia. You can also search the web and see what it says, but there is a lot of misinformation mixed with the good. If books and the web are not enough, you can hire us for consulting.

Check our resource pages for information resources suited to your needs.

I have questions about a plant, a recipe, a person, or a place.
Answering specific questions requiring expertise in wild foods (people, places, books, plants, resources, recipes) falls within our fee-based consulting service. This fee does not apply to recognized colleagues. The web is a great resource to find this information.

Do you know wild foods / books / instructors in my region?
You can find potential instructors at Greene Dean’s Site. Find wild food events throughout North America from our home and workshops pages. John’s first book covers common plants found throughout North America. If that is not enough, you can hire us for consulting.
Do you have job openings?
We are not hiring at this time but do work with interns, assistants, and students.