Dr. John Kallas Knotweed

John Kallas gathering knotweed shoots and stems. Photo courtesy of Robert VanCreveld © 2006

Wild Food Workshops

Workshops are single day events, typically 3 to 5 hours onsite. They can involve one or more of the following activities: identifying, sampling, harvesting, processing or cooking edible plants, sea vegetables or shellfish. Some may be indoor slide presentations when the subject warrants it. We offer about 22 Oregon events each year starting in March and running through October. Our Home page only lists upcoming events. To view more events follow these links.
— Our workshops page is here.
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Wild Food Rendezvous

Rendezvous are 4 day wild food learning events offered in May and June. They run from late Friday to Monday noon. Participants are immersed in all activities from identifying, gathering, and processing, to cooking wild plants (as well as seavegetables and shellfish if it is a coastal Rendezvous). People either sleep in tents, campers, or in a lodge if one is available. Modern kitchen facilities are used and we feast on what we gather. These are transformative events.
— Our Native Shores Wild Food Rendezvous page is here.
— Our GingerRoot Wild Food Rendezvous page is here.

Onsite Training — We Come to You

Sometimes you want to learn what you have to eat at your own location. Your home, your school, your organization. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 503-775-3828 or mail@wildfoodadventures.com

Wild Food Books

There are hundreds of books on wild foods. We try to narrow down the better ones so you can learn more and have early and often successes identifying plants and enjoying what you eat. First check out our guide to the books here, then follow the links to the books.

Interns, Research Associates and Students

Wild Food Adventures is the public outreach branch of the Institute for the Study of Edible Wild Plants and Other Foragables. The Institute engages in research, education, and the daily business activities that allow us to pursue our missions. To get involved as an intern, research associate, or student, read our factsheet about working with the Institute.