The Wild Food Gourmet – Fresh and Savory Food From Nature by Anne Gordon

The Wild Food Gourmet - Fresh and Savory Food From Nature by Anne Gordon
This is the nicest ‘looking’ wild food cookbook I’ve seen. The Wild Food Gourmet is designed in the classic style of photographic-based cookbooks and high end food magazines. The food photography is professionally done, plentiful, and the finished dishes look luxurious. The text is filled with gourmet recipes that range from simple to moderate in preparation. Two-thirds of the plants covered could be found anywhere in North America.

Many of the greens can be found in ones own garden growing as weeds. The wild food ingredients are common enough to make these recipes possible for those who know the plants. Gordon, her own photographer, is genuinely gifted. It is obvious that she has an artistic eye. The book is divided into these recipe groupings: Greens and Flowers, Wild Mushrooms, Berries and Other Fruits, Cold Drinks and Liqueurs, Herbal Teas, Jellies and Butters, and Vinegars. Each recipe grouping is preceded by photographs of many of the plants in nature.

Even though many of the photographs are helpful in identification, this is not a field guide nor does it go into detail on gathering or processing techniques. This book is highly recommended for those that want to show off the potential of wild foods, those who want to be inspired by the potential of wild foods, and for those who want the challenge of duplicating the look of the meals Gordon has created for serving wild food meals to your friends. Highly recommended as a coffee table style gift book for someone interested in wild foods. The recipes would be fun to try for anyone who enjoys cooking with wild foods and making them look beautiful.

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