Wild Food Adventures E-Notification List Privacy policy

A Privacy Policy

Is a statement that specifies what the business owner does with the personal data collected from users, along with how the data is processed and why.

The Wild Food Adventures Web Site

Visits to the Wild Food Adventures web site do not automatically transfer personal information about you to our business or enroll you in our E-list. WordPress (the foundation upon which our web site is built), Google Analytics, or other internet players might create cookies or collect personal information. If they do it is out of our hands and not maintained by us. Google Analytics does provide us with gross page-visit statistics, but no personal data.

Wild Food Adventures E-Notification List

The remainder of this page is devoted to the Wild Food Adventures E-Notification List.
The Wild Food Adventures E-notification list is a voluntary opt-in list whose primary role is to notify you of wild food workshops and events sponsored by Wild Food Adventures and other educational organizations, but also to manage interaction with us if you are our client.
There are two ways to get on the list:
1. You must request to be included in the list in order to join it. It is a double opt-in policy. We only collect information that you voluntarily send us. To be on the list, you can either directly e-mail us a request, or you can start a request on our “Contact” page: http://wildfoodadventures.com/contact/
2. If you sign up for a workshop or pay for an event sponsored by us, you are automatically added to the E-Notification List as our customer. Once our business is done, you can opt-out (see below).

We typically ask you to provide the following information

Name, address, phone, e-mail, age, family members who might attend events with you, and any information you voluntarily share with us. For instance, you might share your specific interests in wild foods, learning goals, any food sensitivities, people you might know (like family members) who are also on our mailing list, etc.

We DO NOT collect the following information

Credit card, social security, drivers license, bank account, or medical record numbers.

What we do with your personal information if and only if you voluntarily provide it to us

We use your personal information to primarily do three things…
1. To manage our contact with you for marketing, communications, and record keeping where necessary.
2. To manage financials with you: What you’ve paid us for, what you owe us, what we owe you.
3. To prepare you and remind you about workshops you’ve registered for.

Who has access to your Information?

Your information is only accessible to Wild Food Adventures staff, and only for the purposed of managing your interactions with us. We NO NOT share, sell, or display your information to third-parties. Your information is not stored in the cloud or on any remote servers. The only potential exception to sharing your information to a third party would be on an individual basis, if we were required to do so by a legal authority with jurisdiction over us. For instance a criminal investigation or a terrorist investigation.

Your Access to Your Own Personal Data

Anyone who requests it, can see, correct, or remove any personal data we have on file specific to them. No list member is allowed to look at other list member’s personal information. The exception being Wild Food Adventures employees, staff, or interns who also happen to be list members, and only for purposes of the normal functioning of Wild Food Adventures. No changes are allowed to financial obligation data unless they can be justified by factual analysis of the situation.

Opt-Out Policy

At any time you can opt out of our mailings by any means you choose: you can call, write, or e-mail us. The easiest is to send us an e-mail with “remove” in the subject line. If you do so, we send one last confirmation e-mail verifying that your e-mail address has been removed from our mailing list. For an opt out to work, you have to provide us with enough information to identify who you are and to be able to pinpoint the e-mail address you are requesting to be removed. We do not want anyone on the list who does not want to be there.

How we keep your data secure

Your data is on password-protected computers within databases and backup drives at Wild Food Adventures. We do not transmit your data over the internet and our databases are not made accessible by us over the internet. The only “transmission” of your name, e-mail address, or other information occurs when we e-mail you or you e-mail us.

Worst Case Scenario

In the event that Wild Food Adventures computers or backup drives are lost, stolen, or hacked, only limited personal data could be extracted if someone could get past our security measures. Again, since we do not collect credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc, most of the data anyone could extract is probably already publically available online. The few things they might learn specific to our list is your e-mail address, your personal wild food interests, what workshops you’ve taken with us, if you were in a photograph taken at one of our events, or if you bought something from us. What they might find is not limited to these things, but generally these are the kinds of things they would find.