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Native Shores Wild Food Rendezvous

May 18 - May 21


This 17th Annual Native Shores Rendezvous is an intensive on the role and use of wild harvested seavegetables, shellfish, and coastal edible wild plants in everyday life, recreational foraging, re-connecting with nature, self-reliance and survival.


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Rockaway, Oregon.

$360, See details for discounts.
A multi-day, hands-on wild food adventure and teach-in using the wisdom of the ancients in the context of current realities. The focus of this event is on the roles sea vegetables, shellfish, and coastal wild foods can play in one’s diet, recreational foraging, self-reliance, and survival. Participants will learn about, use, and gain experience with a variety of wild edibles along with the techniques used to bring them to the table. Everyone attending will share their knowledge, ideas, methods, and wisdom based on their own experiences. Participants arrive and set up on Friday. The program begins Friday evening and ends on Monday noon. Oregon Field Guide, a human interest outdoor regional program covered the Native Shores Rendezvous in 2005. We are accomplishing even more over a decade later.

Native Shores Activities

Photos: 1 and 4 by Chip Belden

Event Goals

To help participants understand the roles that wild foods can play in recreational foraging, contributing to your everyday diet, self-reliance, and survival; to provide hands on experience with some of the most important shellfish, seavegetables, plants and processes that could be used in those situations; to provide the opportunity for participants to share and learn from each other regarding their cumulative experiences with wild foods; to promote a sustainable harvest mentality with a strong support of protecting and respecting green, coastal and wild places; to directly address the great mass of misinformation found in the popular literature and the internet; and to have fun, make friends, and connect with people who are interested in the same kinds of things.

The Mood We’d Like to Set

We want this to be a fun and educational outdoor experience and adventure. We expect everyone to be friendly, respectful, encouraging of others, and open minded. Leave bad attitudes at home. You are welcome to be a lone wolf or be as social as you feel comfortable – as long as you are respectful to others and do your part to make the event successful. We will be together a lot of the time so take the opportunity to get to know people and make friends.

John gathering knotweed.

John gathering knotweed. Photo: Robert VanCreveld

Everyone attending will share their knowledge, ideas, methods, and wisdom based on their own experiences. Participant skill levels will range from beginner to advanced. All input will be respected as personal experience to be learned from. The main instructor and moderator is Dr. John Kallas, Director of Wild Food Adventures. Dr. Kallas has a Ph.D. in nutrition and a Masters in education. He is a trained botanist, nature photographer, writer, researcher, and teacher. John has researched edible wild plants since 1970 and taught in colleges, universities, primitive technology conferences, and to the general public since 1978. He has taught and trained thousands of people about wild foods from all over North America, and given hundreds of wild food presentations. Dr. Kallas founded the Wild Food Adventures outdoor school in 1993, edited the Wild Food Adventurer newsletter from 1996 to 2006, and published Volume 1 of the Wild Food Adventures Book Series; Edible Wild Plants, Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate in 2010. Go here to learn more about John.

What is Provided

Training, hands-on experiences, field trips, projects, and wild food discussions will occur throughout the four day event. Camping space is provided. Vehicles are in a separate area from camping. Some rooms and bunkhouse accommodations are possible in the lodge. You will be responsible for some of your own meals – though much of what we eat will be wild foods gathered by you and other participants.

What to Bring – a detailed List.
Native Shores Dinner Plate.

We will be in the same location for four days with access to modern kitchen and bathroom facilities. Beginning on Saturday, breakfasts and dinners will be provided through Monday morning. You are responsible for 2 sack lunches and snacks. Refrigeration for personal items will not be provided. Bring a plate, bowl, drinking cup and utensils. Conventional food supplies will be available in town. Wild foods will make up the bulk of our evening meals, so come prepared with at least one recipe, and bring any specialty ingredients required as you will be preparing it to share family style with the group.

Outside of your typical camping gear if you are camping you should consider following: We will travel daily to several gathering sites. Bringing the harvests back to camp for processing and cooking. To gather shellfish, you are required to have a current Oregon Shellfish Collecting License. This is mandatory! See below for details. It is helpful to being a small backpack for day trips and a good knife. Prepare for temperatures usually ranging from 40 F to 75 F. Bring clothing for comfort. For coastal forests, bring rugged but layered hiking cloths and comfortable hiking boots.

All seashore clothing should be layered and able to withstand immersion in salt water and protect your body from a fall on sharp rocks. Bring old wetable tennis shoes and very warm layered wool clothing (socks, pants, sweaters). If you do not have much wool, check out thrift stores for old sweaters and pants. Wet suits are generally overkill as most people will only get wet typically up to their knees. Waiders are bulky, heavy and typically hot to wear. Shorts, bare feet, sandals, and light summer cotton clothing are inadequate for our field trips.

Clam Rakes
  • A current Oregon Shellfish Collecting License
  • A cultivator rake or a regular hard steel garden rake.
    Do NOT buy an expensive “Clamming Rake.”
  • A clam gun or narrow spade-shovel
  • 3 or 5 gallon pail
  • Old wettable tennis shoes
  • Warm layered wool clothing – you may get wet
  • Sheathed Scissors and Knife
  • A change of cloths
  • Small daypack
  • Water bottle in holster or backpack
  • A sac lunch
  • Snacks
  • Towel
Shovels and Clam Gun
Optional: Bring interesting wild food-related things to share with others in the evenings – books, processing tools, stories, etc. Bring some wild food that you’ve previously prepared, are proud of making, and would like to share with the rest of us. Wild flours, jams, syrups, canned foods, nuts, beans, etc.
Note: Rake tines can be dangerous to carry around groups, so please pack and handle them with care! Prepare for variable coastal weather! While we hope to go through water at only foot level, depending on Mother Nature, you may have to wade through thigh high water, slog through muck up to your ankles, and climb over hillsides. It is all in a day’s adventure!


Arrival/Departure Times

Arrive anytime after 4:00 p.m. on Friday May 18, 2018 – set up camp/meet other participants. Native Shores and its first activities officially begin with a program at 7:00 p.m. Friday. The last Native Shores activity will end by 12:00 p.m. Monday, May 21, 2018.

Recreational Shellfish Licenses

Recreational Shellfish Licenses are now required for anyone 12 and over to collect shellfish in Oregon. In-state licenses are $10/year, Out of state licenses are $19 for 3 days or $28/year. 3-Day licenses must specify the days you intend to do the collecting. You must carry the License with you during the workshop or you will only be allowed to watch. If shellfish are found in your possession on the beach and you do not have a license, the fine is $80 and up. Licenses should be purchased “PRIOR” to our events at any Oregon Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart, and other sporting goods stores. Licenses can be ordered by mail but the process takes about a month. DO NOT wait until the last minute!

For more information:
Call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 800-720-6339 or 503-947-6000.
General Clamming Information: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Shellfish Regulations & Limits: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

  • “It was much better than I expected. Processing the food and making the feast was a precious experience, something I’ll always remember.”
  • “I feel like a dry sponge where knowledge of the plants and the forest and native cultures are concerned, and Native Shores was able to fill that need. Instruction was very clear, which I really appreciate.”
  • “I’d actually like to attend that Rendezvous for a week! I wish I could have stayed longer. I had a wonderful time, I’m totally satisfied and looking forward to more.”Craig Nielsen

Enrollment Limited! – Advanced registration reserves you a place in the class.

Registration Fees

Full Registration: $360 (in US dollars) for the full 4 day event.

Early Registration Discounts*
  • February 21, 2018, and pay a reduced rate of only: $290
  • March 31, 2018, and pay a reduced rate of only: $310
  • April 14, 2018, and pay a reduced rate of only: $320
  • May 1, 2018, and pay a reduced rate of only: $330
  • May 14, 2018, and pay a reduced rate of only: $340
  • May 15, 2018 onward, pay full price of $360
Early Registration Discounts*
    Fees for Children**
  • Ages: 0 – 6 attend for free
  • Ages: 7 – 8 pay 10 times their age
  • Ages: 9 – 11 pay 12 times their age
  • Ages: 12 – 14 pay 14 times their age
  • Ages: 15 – 17 pay 17 times their age

*These early registration discounts require that you pay in full (received in our office) by these cut off dates.

**Children through and including the age of 17 must be under the supervision and responsibility of a parent or guardian at all times. No more than 2 children per adult attendee. The Native Shores Rendezvous, Dr. Kallas, Wild Food Adventures, and anyone associated with them are not, and cannot be responsible for children. There are no child care facilities. That being said, children will find a friendly and inclusive environment.

Further Registration Discounts – ONLY ONE OF THESE CAN APPLY PER PERSON

Previous Native Shores Attendees get an additional $60 discount off any of the cut-off dates above. The following adults (18+) get a $30 discount off any of the cut-off dates above: Full time college students, Native Americans, adult family members that register together and the involuntarily unemployed.

Partial Event Registrations

There are no discounts for partial attendance. One or two day (Saturday + Sunday) attendees pay full price based on registration dates listed above. Due to the progressive/building nature of the planned learning process, it is recommended to attend the full Rendezvous if you possibly can.



Camping on the grounds or staying in your vehicle is included in your registration. Those wishing to stay in the lodge pay an additional fee. Beds and rooms are limited and assigned on a first come first serve basis, combined with relative need.The lodge offers a few basic rooms with two or three beds. Sharing a room is also possible.

Lodge beds come only with bare mattresses, so sleeping bags and/or sheets, blankets, and pillows must be brought by participants. There are no private baths. We are all responsible for cleaning the rooms we use before we leave – there is no room service or staff.

Here are the costs to stay in the lodge for the full event:
Private Room for 3 nights: 2 beds = $160, 3 beds = $190 (add $30 for each extra person to sleep on the floor.)

IMPORTANT: if you live outside of the US… a personal or local bank check will not be accepted. We can only accept a cashier’s check or money order made out in U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank or American Express office. These forms of currency should be payable to “John Kallas”. PayPal may be an option. Call us for details.
Refund Policy

There is no charge if you cancel before we’ve had the time to process your registration. Upon your approval, your check will be destroyed and you will have paid nothing. If your registration has been completed, all except a $20 non-refundable processing fee is returned if a refund is requested on or before April 6, 2018.

  • 80% is returned if a refund is requested on or before April 20, 2018.
  • 60% is returned if a refund is requested on or before April 30, 2018.
  • 40% is returned if a refund is requested on or before May 8, 2018.
  • 20% is returned if a refund is requested on or before May 14, 2018.
  • 0% is returned if a refund is requested on or after May 15, 2018 (including no-shows)


Download the REGISTRATION/WAIVER Forms. Print and fill out necessary forms and mail them with payment to John Kallas.

Note: Due to the nature of these workshops in natural habitats that are out of our control, we cannot accommodate certain special needs.


May 18
May 21
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Dr. John Kallas


882 N Miller St.
Rockaway, OR 97136 United States
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