Edible Wild Plants Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate Volume 1 by John Kallas

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Authors Position:

I designed this book to do what I always wanted wild food books to do for me as a student: teach me something that I can actually apply, help me identify edible plants at any stage of their growth, give me close up full color photographs of the edible parts at the optimal stages of growth, and show me something fun and tasty to do with it. It lays a foundation and covers plants you are likely to come across on a daily basis no matter where you are in North America. It covers those plants in the kind of detail that you need to genuinely know and understand them. It clarifies and explains concepts poorly understood and commonly mis-represented in the wild food literature. Compare my coverage of any plant in the book side-by-side to that same plant in any other book ever written. That comparison will reveal the value of this book, and represents what I will continue to do in future books.

Edible Wild Plants

Wild Foods From Dirt to Plate is the first volume of a series of books designed to take you further, faster than any book ever published on wild foods. Due to extensive well planned full color photography, and whole chapters devoted to individual plants, you will recognize many edibles already growing in your yard, garden, and neighborhood that you may have been admiring or pulling your whole life; without a clue of edibility. These are wild foods that you could be incorporating into your daily diet — they are not rare or hard to find plants. Plants covered are readily available to most North Americans and most Europeans.

Reading Edible Wild Plants

Wild Foods From Dirt to Plate will make your life as a forager, more successful and more fun due to its extensive content, user friendly design, and sheer beauty. While no book stands alone, this is an important part of any serious forager’s wild food library. It was designed to be the first book you use as the foundation of your collection—read it to see if I am right. Highly recommended by other authors.

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